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Your way to justice

What is Robota

Robota is a friendly chat-bot which guides workers who wish to independently file a lawsuit against their employers or former employers.

Filling Out a statement of Claim

Filing out the required forms and submitting a statement of claim was never easier; Robota will fill the statement of claim for you and provide you with clear instructions on what to do next.
** The filled-out statement of claim will be sent to you within 15 minutes of completing your chat with Robota.


Never get stuck on an unclear question again, Robota will take you through the from step-by-step, breaking down each section into simple questions. Robota will even let you know who you can speak with in case she determines that filing a claim independently might not be the most suitable course of action for you.


Robota speaks your language. Currently, you can chat with Robota in Hebrew and English, but Robota is learning Russian, Arabic, and Amharic, and will soon be able to chat in these languages as well.

Robota’s Future

Speech to Text

You will be able to chat with Robota by simply speaking, without having to type.

Text to Speech

Robota will speak to you out-loud so that communicating becomes even easier for those with impaired sight or other difficulties with reading.


The statement of claim will be ready for printing as soon as Robota is done filling it out.

Connecting to the Court Systems

We aspire to connect Robota to the court system, so Robota can file your statement of claim of claim electronically, on your behalf.